Property Stamp Duty

In NSW the purchase of property incurs a liability to pay stamp duty. While stamp duty must be paid within 3 months of the contract date, if you are obtaining a loan to finance the purchase your bank will require that stamp duty is paid on or before the settlement date.

If you are buying vacant land, new home or an off the plan contract then you may be eligible for an exemption or concession from stamp duty under the various government initiatives.

Prime Conveyancing will advise you of your duty liability prior to signing any contract and also advise if you are eligible for any concession or exemption. If you are eligible the application will also be completed and lodged by Prime Conveyancing - and all at no extra cost.

Do you need advice on stamp duty or the concession or exemptions available (including under the Home Builder’s Bonus or Seniors Stamp Duty Exemption)? Why not contact us or Get a Quote Now?