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Why do I need a solicitor to act in my sale?

Before we tell you the reasons why you should use a solicitor we want to ask you this questions- why not? Why not? Because solicitors are expensive compared to conveyancers right? Well some are, but Prime Conveyancing are solicitors who charge conveyancer prices and we dont charge per phone call- dont believe us? Get a no obligation Quote now.  

Now that we have taken price out of the equation there are a number of reasons why we believe you will be well served by having a solicitor conduct your transaction: These benefits include:

  • The ability to provide you with comprehensive Contract advice. We dont skim over the contract, we explain it all, because you are agreeing to what is included even if you dont want to read it.

  • To ensure you have all the prescribed documents attached to the Contract. The Conveyancing Act prescribes for certain documents to be included in Contracts for Sale. If you miss any then the buyer may pull out of the contract at their discretion. Not only will this mean that you have lost a sale- but you may have also be relying on those proceeds for your new house, and you may have wasted many thousands on advertising and agent’s expenses (especially if the property went to market).

  • The importance of attaching any notification of intended works or development from the Council or any government agency to prevent the Contract from being void. Some things can stay hidden, some things cannot- we’ll advise you what you need to disclose and the risks if you dont.

  • To ensure all of the implied warranties are complied with (especially in regards to building work and/or a demolition order relating to a structure). By selling the property you include certain conditions in the contract by law –even if they are not actually written in there! We will tell you the conditions that are implied at law to ensure that you are not breaching these from the get go.

  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: Engage Prime Conveyancing’s property solicitors and you will be comfortable in knowing that we know the law, know how to prevent something from going wrong and know how to protect your interests in the event that the purchaser breaches the contract. You wont have to seek advice from another firm in these circumstances as you will have the resources of well established and well respected law firm with offices servicing in Sydney, Sutherland, Parramatta and Hurstville.

If you would like to receive a no obligation quote from Prime Conveyancing please call us on (02) 9521 2222 or click here.