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What does it mean by easement/ right of way on my land?

An easement is a right over a property (called the ‘servient tenement’) in favour of another property (called the ‘dominant tenement’) . Your land may be benefited (dominant) or burdened (servient) by an easement, or both. There are several types of easements and they include an easement for services (telephone, electricity, sewer, water), an easement to drain water and a right of carriageway. If you have a right of carriageway noted on your title this generally relates to a driveway or a road and allows certain lots rights to cross and move over the land under certain conditions.
Prime Conveyancing advise you on each and every restriction/easement/right of way affecting your land both in writing and in conference and at no extra fee. This advice is provided by qualified property lawyers who have experience in reading these documents and it is important that you obtain this advice as these easements and restrictions cannot be removed without the consent of other land owners- and at some expense.
Prime Conveyancing are property solicitors who will ensure your rights are protected and we invite you to contact us or obtain a no obligation quote to see how we can assist you.